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This screen is used to print Tax Receipts. A tax receipt will display all Donation payments received from an individual within a specified date range. 


Select the date from which you wish to begin printing tax receipts. The default date will be the current year.


Select the date up to which you want to print tax receipts. The default date will be the current year.

Previous year

To automatically select the previous year, click the "Previous year" button.

Next Year

To automatically select the next year, click the "Next year" button. 

Print Mode

Select "All" if you wish to print a tax receipt for all children, "Those who have paid" to print only for children who have receipted transactions, or "Itemise payments" to itemise the date and payment method for all payments.

Include Non-donation Receipts

Select this button if you wish to print tax receipts for Non-donation receipts (fee associated payments).


To return to the Accounts Processing Screen, click the "Previous" button.


Once you are satisfied that your date selection is correct. click the "Print" button to print the tax receipts.

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