This screen is used to view both graphical and tabular representations of bookings, enrolments, event notifications, MoE compliance details, and useful tips and techniques.   

Centre Information provides a synopsis number of children enrolled, number of employees and, if you have subscribed to GoText, any unread text messages.

MoE Compliance will inform you of any action that is required for MoE Compliance, specifically whether or not you have met the 50% Regulation, and any ELI events which need your attention. Under 50% regulation you can hover your cursor over Details to see which teachers have been counted towards the 50% Regulation. Under ELI, if there are any events that require your attention, you will be able to click the link for Please click here to see an important message concerning ELI. 

Tips of the day will display useful tips to assist you in using Infocare in the best way.

Weekly booked numbers by FTE will display both a graphical and tabular representation of the number of children booked to attend your service during the selected week. Children are split into those who are part time and those who are considered full time based on the number you selected in FTE. View All will open a new window displaying the Infocare Dashboard which has details on bookings, enrolments and occupancy. You can change the format of the graph by clicking on the icon and selecting Remove Total Row, Bar, Line, or Stacked Bar.

Events will display a list of events for children and staff which are happening at your service within the next week. To see events relating to children, click on the For Children link. The number of events for children will appear next to the For Children link. You can click on the child's name to display all details of the child's enrolment. To view events relating to staff, click on the For Staff link. The number of events relating to staff will be displayed next to the For Staff link. You can click on the staff member's name to view full details of this staff member. Events include starting dates, leaving dates, birthdays, etc.

Bookings will display details of bookings at your service in 30 minute intervals for the current day. View All will open a new window with a variety of graphs for analysis of the roll at your service. You can change the format of the graph by clicking on the icon and selecting Remove Total Row, Remove Total Column, Bar, Line, or Stacked Bar. 

Enrolled Children by Age will display a graphical representation of the enrolments at your service for the current day. Children will be displayed by age group. You can change the format of the graph by clicking on the icon and selecting Pie, Bar, Polar Area, or Doughnut.

Reminders will display any reminder events that have been set up in the Infocare notes facility. If the reminder relates to a staff member or child, you can click on the name to see details for that person. To reset the reminder and amend the date for another day, click on the icon. To view details of the reminder, click on the icon.

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