This screen is used to select the options you require for printing Funding Information lists.


Select the month for which you wish to view funding information.


Select the year for which you wish to view funding information.

Select Centre

If you have multiple licenses and you have the appropriate access privileges, you will be able to select from the drop-down list which centre from your group, Region or sub group that you would like to print the report for.

Current Funding

Click this button to automatically select the current funding period.

Previous Funding

Click this button to automatically select the funding period prior to the one displayed on the screen.

Override Rate for Funding Summary

Using this drop-down list, you can select the funding rate you wish to use when calculating the Funding Summary Report. This will help users determine the impact of changing from one funding rate to another.

View By

If you have multiple services and if you have the required security access level, you can select Subgroup, Area, Region or Group from this drop-down list to include details from other services.

Funding Hours

If you wish to print a detailed list of the number of funded hours for your centre, please check this radio button. Cells are highlighted with an orange or red background to indicate missing or incorrect data. Here are some reasons: -

1. There may be no child hours for that day. (possibly because a sign in sheet has not been created)

2. The service is not licensed for over 2 children but there are over 2 children on that day (possibly a child's birth date is wrong)

3. There are no staff hours. (possibly because a staff time sheet has not been created for that day)

4. There are no registered staff hours. (Possibly because a registered teacher has not been put on the time sheet for that day, or a teacher’s registration has expired)

If you wish to view the detail of how funding was calculated on a particular day, once you have displayed the Funding Hours report to the screen. click  on the date required and the relevant details will be displayed.


If you wish to print an RS7 report as specified by the Ministry of Education, please check this radio button.

Funding Summary

If you wish to print a summary of the funding details for your centre, please check this radio button. For a complete picture of your funding summary details, you will need to have entered your advance funding into the MOE Advance screen in the "Centre" section of the system.


To return to the Reports Screen, click the "Previous" button.


Once you are satisfied that your selection is correct, click the "print" button.

Submit RS7 to MOE

RS7's may be submitted electronically. Once you have checked that all the data for your RS7 is correct, you can click this button and the RS7 will be submitted to the MOE for you. You will NOT have to post the RS7 return. A copy of the RS7 that has been submitted will be kept under "Utilities - Downloads" for up to a year after the submission date.

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