Please read this release notice carefully as it contains information which is important for your service.

New features:

1. Reports, Child Reports, Frequent Absence

Users can no longer click the "Apply Rules" button if there is a tick in the "Use MoE Practice" check box

2. Address Field Entry

Due to a change in ELI requirements, the way users enter addresses within many screens in Infocare has been updated to comply with these new specifications, particularly around rural addresses.

It is highly recommended that you enter addresses into the "auto-complete" field called "Address:" above the "Input address manually" check box as this ensures the correct fields are populated for the address you are entering.

If the address you require is not available in the "auto-complete" section, you can opt to put a tick in the "Input address manually" check box and these fields will be validated to ensure they comply with ELI requirements when you click "Update".

NB: any existing Children (all services)/Homes (Home-based services) currently set up with a rural address may need to be checked/amended to ensure they comply with ELI’s new requirements. This comes into effect from 1st June 2021, address records will need to be checked/amended prior to this date.

Homebased Services Only:

3. Employees

A new heading and qualification selection have been added for "Educator Qualifications". Users can now select the qualification educators hold and when they obtained that qualification.

4. Reports, Staff Reports, Educator Weekly Record

This report will display all educators that have qualifications, when it was obtained and if they are "Active" or not. This report will also show you if your service is meeting the Ministry’s minimum requirements and highlight any issues where there in non-compliance

5. Notice Board

An additional heading regarding whether your service is meeting the educator requirement or not is displayed in the "Notice Board" with a link to the "Educator Weekly Record Selection" screen for you to print this report.