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Using the Timetable View screen you are able to view details of the timetables associated with a particular child.

The list of timetables for this child will be displayed. You can display the timetables sorted by "Effective Date", "Fees Structure", Funding Type", or "Last Updated" by toggling the icons. The current timetable will be highlighted by the image

Future timetables will be highlighted by the image 

To display all of the information relating to a particular timetable, click on the relevant timetable date to display all current information for this timetable.

The number of Holidays to which this child is entitled, and the number of holidays this child has taken, will display on this screen. These figures are based on the holiday policy for your service.

To view, add or modify holidays for this child, click the "Show Holidays" button.

Click the icon at the right of the screen if you wish to edit or modify information for this timetable.

Click the icon at the right of the screen if you would like to delete this contact.

Click the  or  icon if you would like to print or email the details of this timetable to the primary contact for verification and confirmation of ECE hours.

Click the  icon at the right of the screen if you wish to view, modify, or assign optional charges to this timetable.


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