This screen is used to send text messages to individual or groups of contacts or staff.  Once text messages have been sent, the recipient can reply to you and the reply will be displayed and stored in Infocare. The recipient can only reply to the text within 7 days of the text being sent. Thereafter, replies will not be received.

Text messages that are longer than 160 characters will be charged as multiple text messages. For example, if your message is 200 characters long you will be charged for 2 messages. If your message is 380 characters long you will be charged for 3 messages. A "counter" situated directly below the text entry box will keep a count of characters used as you type. This will allow you to see how many characters are in your message.

A number of automatic Text "templates" may be set up which can then be used again to save users re-typing common texts. This can also be used as a text header, for example you may wish to automatically include your centre name in the text header and a short message asking the parents not to use this number to call the centre. For example, "Txt from Little Laughs. To contact us plse use 09 4765955".


If you would like to send text messages to children's contacts, please check this radio button.


If you would like to send text messages to Staff, please check this radio button.


Please select which category of children you would like to use to send Texts to.

Sort Order

This field allows you to select which format you wish the name to be displayed in.

View By

If you have Group, Region Area or Subgroup access, users may select to view this report for the entire group, region or subgroup by selecting the required option from this drop-down box.

Enter Message

Please type the text message that you wish to send. If you have selected up a Template from the "Select Template" drop down box, the text contained in that template will be displayed in the box. You can also add to the text of the template by typing before or after.

Select Template

If you have saved any templates, they will be listed and available for selection here.

Save As Template

If you have typed a text and would like to save it for use again at a later date, you can save it as a template by clicking the "Save as template" Button. The text will then be assigned the next number in the list of templates saved.

Delete Template

If you no longer use a template and would like to remove it from the system, select it from the list and then click the "Delete Template" button.

Select Children

Please select which children you require to send this text to. You can Select multiple children by using the scroll bars on the side of this combo box, and by clicking the mouse in conjunction with the shift or control keys. For example, if you wish to select all the children in the combo box, click on the first child (so that it is now highlighted) and then scroll down to the last child using the scroll bars at the side of the combo box. Then hold the "shift" key down and click on the last child's name. This will now select (and highlight) all the children. If you wish to exclude one or two of the children from this selection, you can now scroll to the relevant child using the scroll bars at the side of the combo box and then hold down the "Control" or "CNTRL" key and click the child you wish to exclude.

Select All

Click this button to automatically select all recipients in the drop-down list.

Deselect All

Click this button to automatically deselect all recipients in the drop-down list.

Clear Fields

If you would like to clear/remove any text you have entered and start again, click the "Clear Fields" button. This will clear the text in the message box and deselect the children.


To send the text message to the selected contacts or staff, click the send button.

View Replies/Sent

If you have received any replies to text messages, you can view them by clicking the View Replies button. A complete history of all replies received is kept. You are also able to view any messages that you have sent.

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