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This screen is used to select the month and year for viewing or updating the Ministry of Education funding amounts advanced, hours, and the rate used for the advance for previous funding months. 

If you have received a file from the Ministry of Education with advance funding information, you can upload the data from this file by clicking the Upload File button.

To modify or delete details for advanced funding that has previously been entered into Infocare, place the cursor over the appropriate date and click the  or  icons at the right of the screen.

To search for specific advanced funding dates/information, begin typing details pertaining to that date/information in the search box (i.e., Sept will display a list of all advance funding dates for September in every year that data has been entered). To further refine the search, continue entering data into the search field.

The order in which the advance funding data is displayed can be customised to ascending or descending by clicking on the up or down arrow next to Period, Under 2 ECE, Over 2 ECE, 20 Hours ECE, Plus 10 ECE.

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