Using the "Timetable View" screen you are able to view details regarding the Timetable associated with a particular child. All Timetable details are displayed including the user who created or last modified the Timetable, Weekly Charge - Normal weekly charge based on that Timetable's bookings, less any Discount. WINZ Amount - Weekly WINZ payment effective on that Timetable's date (note: may now have expired) and Pay After WINZ - Amount to be paid after WINZ has been deducted. Promotional Discounts, the value, Display End Date and Specified End Date are also visible.

All the information relating to the Timetable's associated with this child are displayed on this screen.  You will have to scroll down to see all the details.

For full details on each field, please refer to the help link on the "Timetable Update" screen.


If you wish to amend any of the details, click on the "Modify" button.  Once you have made the changes you require, you will be returned to this screen, and your changes will have been completed. 


If you wish to permanently delete these contact details, click on the "Delete" button.


If you wish to print details of this timetable with a place for the parent/guardian to sign that the change is valid, please click this button.


For those parents where you have selected 'Email Other" in the Contact Details screen, this button enables you to send an email to the parents containing a link to the child's timetable. The parents can then print the timetable attestation form, sign it and hand it in to your centre.

Optional charges

If you wish to assign any additional charges (Products) to this child, click this button.

Page Down

If this child has more than 5 timetables, the "Page Down" button will appear. Click this button to show the previous 5 timetables.

Page Up

If this child has more than 5 timetables, and you have used the "page Down" button to scroll to the previous 5 timetables, the 'Page Up" button will be displayed which will allow you to scroll up to the newest timetables.


If you wish to add another contact for this child, click on the "Add" button.


The number of holidays which this child is entitled to, and the number of holidays this child has taken will display on this screen. These figures are based on the holiday policy for your centre.

If you wish to allocate specific holidays for this child, select the "Holidays" button.


If you wish to return to the main menu, click on the "Previous" button.

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