Please read this release notice carefully as it contains information which is important for your service.

1. Utilities, Labels.

There is now the option to select “Logo” when printing labels.

2. Utilities, GoEnquiry! View.

Users can now set a reminder for any enquiry by using the “Set reminder” button. This will display in the “Notice Board” on date nominated.

3. Utilities, GoText! Replies/Sent.

If you have more than one service that subscribes to GoText!, the texts sent will be displayed in the service the child is enrolled at, rather than the service the text message was sent from.

If you have more than one service in a group that uses Subgroup, Area, Region, or Group you can now create a .csv file to capture all texts sent/received for a defined period of time.

4. Children, Timetable, Optional Charges.

“Same as 20 ECE Hrs” has been added as an additional option in “Billing Frequency” to charge an Optional Charge for each ECE hour claimed.

5. Children, Immunisation, Immunisation Update.

Changes have been made to the Immunisation Update screen, and related reports to meet Ministry of Health requirements.

6. Reports, Child Reports/Staff Reports/Financial Reports, Print Options.

Users can now save their customised reports to be run in the future by renaming the report and clicking “Save as”. If you have more than one service, these can also be saved by Area, Subgroup, Region or Group.

7. Reports, Group Reports, General, Income Loss.

The “Income Loss” report can now be generated into a .csv file.

8. Reports, Staff Reports, Timesheet.

The table can now be viewed in either Landscape or Portrait and is saved based on user’s preference.

9. Centre, Users, User Access.

A change has been made to ‘Staff Information’ which has been split into three options: Employees, Staff Roster/Time Sheets, and Staff Reports. Existing users will have the relevant options of Read, Write, or No assigned based on what they originally had for Staff

10. Reports, Group Reports, General, Balancing Totals including Closed Accounts.

This is a new report that has been created to include accounts that have been closed.

11. Billing, Accounts Processing, Receipts and Reports, Financial Reports, Transaction Listings, Banking Date.

An option of entering in an actual banking date for cash/cheque receipts has been added to the Receipt Update screen which can be entered at the time of creating the receipt or at a later date. For reporting purposes this has been added to the Transaction Listing report by selecting the “Print Options” button.

12. Children, Timetable, Add/Modify, Promotional Discounts, Specified End Date.

You are now able to add a Specified End Date to all Promotional Discounts that do not have an assigned expiry date, so that you do not need to add a new timetable to end the discount.

13. Children, Timetable, Add/Modify, Promotional Discounts, Timetable View.

Any Promotional Discounts that are assigned will be displayed in the Timetable View screen.

14. Reports, MoE Reports, RS7 Return (funding), and Reports, Financial Reports, Funding, Funding Summary Report.

If you have more than one service in a group that uses Subgroup, Area, Region, or Group you can now select to view the Funding Summary Report by these options that correlate to your user access level.

15. Ezypay/Combined Account.

If you are using Ezypay, you now have the ability to link sibling accounts meaning only one set of fees per transaction rather than per child. This is controlled through the Children menu, Account, Ezypay and then choosing the correct Sibling account. This will bring through the details for that parent of the child to the new sibling, so parents do not need to re-enter their credentials.