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In addition to the Fees Structures in the Children's Timetable, you can add "Optional Charges" to the child's timetable.

Optional Charges are set up and configured in the "Products" list found under the "Billing" menu – "Products" – "Product View" page. Each Product has a Ledger Code. These are codes allow you to classify accounting data in several ways. The codes can range from a simple three-digit number to a code with several parts. Each designating a classifier such as a subsidiary number, business unit, department or other.

With Infocare Solutions' Xero integration, this Ledger Code is what is used in your Xero Configuration. It is very important to remember that once the products "Ledger Code" has been utilised in committed invoices, you should not update the code because Xero will only use the original ledger code.

NB: Also deleting product from Infocare System will not automatically delete the ledger code in Xero Configuration.