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With Infocare Solutions' Xero integration, your Product "Ledger Codes" need to be mapped with your Xero "Account" and Xero "Tax" classifications. This means that any transaction associated with this ledger code will be properly imported into Xero.

To correctly map your Product "Ledger Codes" with your Xero "Account" and Xero "Tax" classifications, you need to access the Xero Configuration page from Infocare via: Billing menu > Xero > Xero Configuration.

NB: Infocare will only display a products Ledger Code if it is currently or has been utilised in a “committed transaction”. A situation may arise where you find one or some products are not available in the Xero Configuration page, this is because you need to ensure you have checked and committed any transaction that may be uncommitted that utilises the product(s).

For the existing Products that have been mapped to Xero, they will have a “Xero Account” and “Xero Tax” field completed, while for products that have not been mapped, the “Xero Account” and “Xero Tax” fields will be blank.

To map your Infocare Products “Ledger Code” to Xero, you need to select the Xero Account and Xero Tax classification for each of the products “Ledger Codes”.

Aside from mapping each of the Products “Ledger Codes” to the correct “Xero Account” and “Xero Tax” classifications, Infocare also provides the option to map the Product to the default “Xero Account” and Xero Tax” classifications via the Product option “All Other Codes”. If you find there are unmapped products and you want to map those to the default, just leave the “Xero Account” and “Xero Tax” fields blank.