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Once the invoices have been committed from within Infocare, the data will automatically be sent to Xero. You can check the data sent by accessing Xero Dashboard > “Invoice owed to you” chart and clicking on the bar of the required period.

The committed invoices will be listed under ‘Awaiting Payment’ tab because this invoice is yet to be paid.

You can open the invoice and validate the information which has been sent from Infocare:

  1. Check that the “Invoice Number” in Xero is the same as the “Reference Number” in Infocare.
  2. Check that “To” (to whom the invoice is created) is the child’s name.
  3. Check that the date is the “Posted Date” of the invoice in Infocare.
  4. Check that the “Description” is what appears in the Invoice Items in Infocare.
  5. Check that the “Total” is the total amount of the invoice created in Infocare.