This screen is used to select  various fields of information to be displayed on the Child Details report. A customised report that is required for future use, can be saved with the file name you choose.

To select the fields that you require, simply select the name of the field from the drop-down box in the order that you want it to appear.

Number of lines per page

You can control the number of lines per page that will be printed, which will allow you to print in landscape mode if you have selected many fields. Please note you will have to change your printer to landscape mode to accommodate this.


Please select the name of the fields that you want to appear on the report in the order that you want them to appear.

Lock Fields

By default, the report will automatically be printed with fields that are selected. If you have selected custom fields and you wish to save this selection for future use during the current log in session, then check this box. 


Click this button to return to the previous menu.

Create File

You can export the contents of the report to a .csv file for use in a spreadsheet by clicking the "create file" button. Once you have clicked on this button a file will be created and will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. To download the file to your computer, right click on the file and select "save as". 


Delete File

When you no longer need the .csv file that you have created with the "Create File" button, you can delete the file from the Infocare server by clicking on the "Delete File" button associated with the file.


Once you have completed your selection, click the print button to view and or print the information.

Print mode name

Enter in the name for the customised report to be saved as for future selection.

Visible to

If you have more than one service, the customised report can be saved by Subgroup, Area, Region and Group. This report will be visible for users under their service depending on their access level.

Save as

Selecting this button will ensure the customised report is saved and will be an option to select in the Child Details screen under “Print Mode”.

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