Using the Ezypay Update Screen, users can add, change, or view options for parents who use the Ezypay direct debit interface.

Select the required options from the relevant drop-down boxes and then click update to save.

Using Ezypay

Please check this box if this parent has agreed to use the Ezypay direct debit interface and you would like Infocare to begin processing direct debits.

Starting Date

Please enter the date when details of the first invoice must be sent to Ezypay for payment processing. Each time a payment has been processed, this date will be automatically updated by the frequency selected in the Payment Frequency section, i.e., the next payment date will be displayed.

Most services will set this date to the same day of the week for all parents/children. However, if a parent requests that a specific day of the week would be better for them, this can be set to meet their needs by adjusting this date to the day of the week they would prefer.

Billing Method

From the drop-down box, select either Account balance or Set amount.

Account Balance will send the amount outstanding on the account for processing.

Set amount will send the amount specified in the "Billing Amount" fields for processing.

Billing Amount

If you have set the Billing method field to "Set amount", please enter the amount that you wish to be sent through for processing in this field.

Maximum Billing Limit

If you wish to cap the maximum amount that will be sent through for processing to a certain amount, please enter the required value in this field.

Payment Frequency

From the radio buttons, please select the frequency which you wish this account to be processed for billing. In most cases, this would be set to weekly, however if you bill for a fortnight then you may wish to be paid fortnightly.

Apply to all current children

Check this box if you wish the settings on this screen to be automatically applied to all currently enrolled children.

Select Sibling

If you wish to link sibling accounts, meaning only one set of fees per transaction, please select the Siblings name from this drop-down box. Parents will not be required to re-enter their payment credentials.


Click this button when you have completed all of the input fields and you wish to save the data and return to the previous screen.


If you wish to delete the information on this screen i.e. remove this account from Ezypay processing, please click the "Delete" button.

Set Payment Method

This button will allow you to enter details of payment method for the bill payer i.e., bank account details or credit card number. This information is sent directly to Ezypay and not stored in Infocare.

Email Bill Payer

Click this button to send an email to the bill payer providing them with details on how to enter their payment details online.

View Invoices

To view a list of recent invoices processed by the Ezypay integration, click this button. You will also be able to refund specific invoices if required.


If you wish to discard any changes you have made to this screen and return to the previous screen, click the "Cancel" button.


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