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The Receipt Update screen allows users to enter details for payment receipts.

Payer displays the name of the person to whom the receipt is addressed. This field cannot be modified or changed. If this field is incorrect, please change the Payer details in the child account section of Infocare. 

Address displays the address that has been specified for the Payer. You can modify this field if required. If this is a permanent change, we recommend that you update the address for the Payer in the child account section of Infocare.

Comments allows you to enter any comments that you wish to record about this receipt.

Please enter the date of the payment in the Payment Date field.   

If you plan to deposit the payment into your bank (i.e., for cash or cheques), enter the Banking Date in the Banking Date field.

If the receipt is for a cheque, you can select the issuing bank from the Bank drop down list.

If the receipt is for a cheque, you can enter the branch where the cheque was issued in the Branch field.

Please enter a value for the payment amount in the Payment Amount field.

From the Payment Method drop down list, select the method of payment for this receipt. The payment method will be displayed on the statement. If you select either "WINZ Overpayment", "Dishonoured Cheque", or “Refund” as the payment method, the system will expect a negative value to be entered in the Payment Amount field. Targeted funding is for those services that have received targeted funding from MoE and are using that funding in lieu of parent payments for a child. MoE requires detailed records of how targeted funding is applied. 

If the receipt is for a cheque, you can enter the cheque number in the Cheque No field.

If your service is a registered charity, and if this receipt is a donation rather than a bill payment, check the Donation radio button.

Once you have completed entering data for this receipt, click the Update button to save the information and return to the previous screen.

If you want to discard the information and Delete the receipt, click the Delete button.


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