The Fee Selection screen is used to create a new fee structure, select an existing fee structure to view or modify, or to delete an existing fee structure.  

To Add a new fee structure, click the Add button.

If you wish to ensure that only Current fee structures are displayed, ensure that Current is selected from the drop down box. Alternatively, you can view all current and expired fee structures by selecting All.

If you wish to search for a particular fee structure, enter all or part of the relevant description and then click search.

Depending on your selection/search criteria, a list of fee structures will be displayed.

To view details, or modify a particular fee structure, place the cursor over the line where the fee structure is displayed and click.

To modify a fee structure, click the icon associated with the fee structure.

To Delete a fee structure, click the icon at the right had side of the screen for the relevant fee structure. Deleting fee structures that are currently in use will cause issues when you next try to create invoices. Please ensure that no child accounts are using the fee structure you wish to Delete. It is also inadvisable to delete fee structures that have been used previously but have been superseded by new fee structures. It would be better to set an expiry date on the fee structure rather than Delete it. Setting an expiry date can be done by modifying the fee structure.

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