This screen is used to select and display/print details for Autopayments, WINZ, or Ezypay payments.

Enter the date that you wish to report on by entering the date in the Week Starting. You can use the icons next to the date field to automatically select next day, week, or month; or previous day, week, or month.

Using the Sort Order drop down list you can choose which order children's names will be displayed on the report. For instance, if you want names to appear in first name alphabetic order, select First Name; however, if you would prefer children to be displayed in birth date order, select Birth Date.

If your service is part of a group of services, using the View By drop down list you can choose to display details for children from your Centre, Subgroup, Area, Region, or Group.

Using the Print Mode drop down list, select if you would like to display details of Autopayments, WINZ, or Ezypay.

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