Using the Time Sheet Update screen, you are able to select staff members and update their rostered and worked times. You are also able to add or remove staff members from the time sheet.

Using the Add Staff button you can add additional staff members to this time sheet.

You can choose to show either Rostered or Worked times for the staff members on this screen by selecting the appropriate option from the Showing drop down box.

You can choose to view the staff times in either Portrait or Landscape mode by selecting the appropriate option from the Display drop down list. 

If you would like to copy the exact rostered times from a previous day, select the appropriate roster and date from the Copy From drop down list. This provides you with a quick and easy way to create your roster for the day if it is the same as one of the rosters you have previously created. Once you have selected the correct roster and date, click the Same As button.

Using the  icons, you can quickly navigate to the previous or next day.

If you wish to print this time sheet, click the  icon.

If you would like to delete this time sheet, click the  icon.

If you have too many staff members to display on one screen, you can use the scroll bars to navigate left and right and up and down.

When clicking on a Staff Member’s Name, you will be able to view details for that staff member as they have been entered in the Employee update screen.

To Change Activities for a staff member, or to update Worked Times or to Remove a staff member from this roster, click the Change Times button under the staff members name.

MoE Child/Staff ratios are displayed at the right-hand column on the Portrait mode screen and at the bottom on the Landscape mode screen. You may need to scroll to see these ratios depending on the number of staff members on this roster. 

To View details of child staff ratios and funding information for this date, click on the View button. Any blocks that are coloured:

Yellow indicate that Under 2 children exceed the licensed maximum.

Pink indicate that the total number of children exceed the licensed maximum

Green indicate that your staff/child ratio is above MoE requirement for that period

Red indicate that your staff/child ratio is below MoE requirement for that period

Blue indicate that your staff/child ratio is as per MoE requirement for that period

Orange indicate that you have no registered staff on duty for that period, or that there are no Persons Responsible.

To calculate teacher ratios: Infocare divides each day into 15-minute segments. For each segment the number of Under 2 children are counted, and the required staff is calculated from the table shown at the bottom of this document. This process is repeated for the Over 2 children and these two figures are combined.

For example:

20 Under 2’s = 4 teachers + 6 Over 2’s =1 teacher = 5 teachers required. 

Under 2s


Over 2s






















If you have only 1 to 3 children of mixed ages,  the Ministry requires you to have one teacher on duty. This will assist at the beginning and at the end of each day when the children arrive or are being collected.

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