This screen is used to select from a variety of options to print a weekly report on educator activity in relation to the requirement for all home-based services to reach quality licenses by 2025.

  • The MoE is moving all home-based services to quality licenses by 2025 and, in the lead up, there are targets for all services to reach each year.

     From January 2021:
  • 30% of educators in a quality funded license must hold a required qualification.
  • Up to 20% can either be in induction (first 6 months on the quality license) or enrolled training (up to a further 2 years).
  • The remaining educators on the license must hold at least 5 credits towards a required qualification at Level 4 or above.

The percentages are counted on a basic headcount of active educators in a license. This means each educator counts once – regardless of the hours or days they work, or the number of children for whom they care. Educators on holiday, sick, or waiting for children to enrol can be counted up to certain limits (see the definition of ‘Active Educator’ in this chapter).

Where calculations result in a fraction, the number of required qualified educators is rounded up and the number of allowed unqualified educators is rounded down.

For example, if a service has 13 educators then 30% is 3.9, so they would need 4 qualified educators to meet the requirement; 20% is 2.6, so the service could have no more than 2 unqualified educators. In a service with 87 educators, the 30% is 26.1 so they would need 27 qualified educators, 20% is 17.4, so the service could have no more than 17 unqualified. 

Percentage requirements are viewed weekly at the end of the 7-day period (Mon-Sun); or part-thereof if the funding period begins or ends mid-week.

Educators who enter or exit the license part way through the week will be counted in the same way as educators who have been active for the entire week. An educator who gains a qualification during the week will be considered qualified for that week. A qualification can be counted from the date the educator has received official notification that they have met the course requirements.

Educators providing backup care to children on a different license will only be counted on their ‘home’ license.

Using the Week Starting and the Week Ending fields, enter the date range up to which you wish to print details. The default will be the current week. You can also select the previous week or the next week by clicking the or  icons.

Using the Home-based Type drop down list, select the appropriate license type.

To display the report to your screen once you have completed your selections, click the Print button. Alternatively, click the Print to Printer button to print a hard copy of this report.

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