The Upload Files screen is used to select a file to be uploaded to your Infocare system. Files can be photos, letters for the letter writer, logos, etc. 

File size limits for upload are:

  • Images (jpg, gif, bmp. tiff, png) - 5MB 
  • All other file types - 10MB 

To upload a file, click the Browse button in the Select File field. Navigate to the filename on your computer and click Open. 

The filename will now appear in the Select File field. If your service is part of a larger group, and you would like to upload the same file to multiple services, select the appropriate option in the Upload For drop down list. 

Once you have completed your selection criteria, click the Continue button to upload the file.

Alternatively, if you wish to Cancel your selection and return to the previous screen, click the Cancel button.   

For further information or assistance please call

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