This screen is used to select reports or define customised reports for data that have been entered into the Parent Enquiry module. The selection screen has a number of pre-defined reports available in the "Print mode" drop down list. Reports can also be exported to a .csv file and downloaded to your computer.


Using the From and Until date fields, enter the date range on which you wish to report. Using the and  icons you can quickly navigate to the next or previous week or month.


If your service is part of a group of services, using the View By drop down list you can choose to display details for children from your Centre, Subgroup, Area, Region, or Group.


In the Field column, you can select the fields that you would like to include if you are creating a Custom report. Use the down arrow in each of the field blocks to select the required field for your report. You can select up to 25 fields on a single report. Please be aware that if you wish to print a report where you have selected numerous fields, they may not all fit on a single page. Once you have selected the required fields, click Apply at the bottom of the screen to display the report. 


You can define the number of lines you want to print on a page by entering the number in the Lines per page field. This is useful if you are defining a print that has many fields. 


From the Print Mode drop down list, you can select from a list of Default reports. Default reports available are:


Enquiry Details – will print a list of enquiries within the specified date range.


Lead Summary – will provide a breakdown of the type of lead received (i.e., website, phone etc.) and which area the leads were for.


Conversion Success  will print a list of the employees, along with details of their medical information (i.e., allergies etc.).


Currently Registered – provides a breakdown of the progress by category and area of enquiries received within the specified date range. For example, you will be able to see how many leads were received, of those how many have been contacted, of the ones contacted, how many have progressed to a scheduled tour etc., up to how many enrolled and what your lost opportunity was. Figures are shown as actuals and percentages.


Conversion Timings – shows, by area, the amount of time taken to move enquiries from one category to another (i.e., how long it took for an enquiry to be contacted, how long it took to schedule a centre tour, etc.).  


If you would like to create a .csv file from one of the reports, select the desired parameters, display the report to the screen, and click the  icon next to the Print button. The created file name will be displayed on the screen. Click on the file name if you wish to open it or right click to download a copy to your computer. If you wish to delete the file, click the  icon at the right hand side of the screen.


Once you have completed your selection criteria, click Print to display the report to your screen, or click Print to Printer to print a hard copy of the report. 


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