This screen is used to manage parent enquiries. You will be able to add new enquiries and modify the status of existing enquiries.


To add a new enquiry, click the Add Enquiry button.

Using the Type drop down list, you can select which type of enquiries you want to be displayed. Active Enquiries are those that have not yet been Archived


If your service is part of a larger group, you can select to view enquiries from multiple services within the group by selecting the appropriate option from the View By drop down list.


If you wish to Search for a specific enquiry, you can begin typing some text into the Search field that relates to the enquiry (i.e., if the parent’s name is Mary, you could begin typing “Mar” and relevant enquiries will be displayed; or if the child’s name is Fred, begin typing “Fred” in the Search field).


Once you have completed entering your selection criteria, a list of the enquiries that match the criteria will be displayed. If the list goes over multiple pages, you can click on the  icons to navigate to the next or previous pages.


Using the  icons, you can change the order in which the column is displayed.


To view details of, or edit, a particular enquiry, click on the row where the enquiry details are displayed, or click on the  icon at the right hand side of the page for the particular record required.


For further information or assistance call

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