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Using the Parent Portal Update screen, you are able to manage a caregiver’s parent portal details, view the portal for the child associated with the caregiver, and view statistical information for this caregiver

The caregiver’s email address for logging on to the Parent Portal will be displayed under Username.

The system generated password for the contact to use will be displayed here. If the word Secret is displayed, this means that the contact has changed their Password themselves. 

If the contact has forgotten their password, you can generate a new password for them by selecting the Reset Password radio button and then clicking Update button. 

If you want to remove access to the parent portal for this contact, click the Delete button. Parent Portal access will be removed, but all of the notes or learning stories etc., which have been stored for this child, will be retained.

If you would like to reset the statistics for this contact, you can do so by clicking the Reset Statistics button. Statistics about parent portal usage can be viewed using Reports, Group Reports, or General, and then selecting "Parent Portal" from the "Print Mode" drop down list.

If you would like to view the parent portal for this child, click on the View Portal button.

Using the Send Email button you are able to send the contact an email providing them with details of their username, password, the web address of the parent portal, your terms and conditions of access etc. To do this, you will need to create a standard letter using the Infocare letter writer facility. The letter will contain the relevant keywords for the Parents; for example, their username is USERNAME, their password is PASSWORD, the web address is PARENTPORTALURL. The name of the letter to be uploaded to the letter writer must be Parent Portal.html. 

Using the Email All button, you are able to email a copy of the Parent Portal letter to all contacts who have a valid email address and who have the check box Email Letters and Parent Portal ticked in the contact update screen.

To return to the previous screen, click Update if you have selected to Reset Password or click Cancel to return to the previous screen without resetting the password

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