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Using the Leave Update screen, you are able to specify dates, including future dates, when employees will be away from your service. For example, if an employee will be on annual leave in 2 months time, you will be able to specify those dates here. 


Any dates that have been assigned previously for an employee will be listed here and can be amended .


New dates can be entered in the fields that are blank.


Using the Start date field, select or enter the Start date for when the employee will be away.


Using the End date field, select or enter the End date for the employee's away period.


Using the Status drop down list, select the reason for the employee being away. Options available will be dependent on activity types specified in the Staff Activities section.


When you have completed entering data for this screen, click the Update button to save the information.

To return to the previous screen, click the  icon at the top left of the screen.



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