This screen is used to send text messages to individual or groups of child contacts or staff. Once text messages have been sent, the recipient can reply to your service and the reply will be displayed and stored in Infocare. The recipient can only reply to the text within 7 days of the text being sent. Thereafter, replies will not be received.


Text messages that are longer than 160 characters will be charged as multiple text messages. For example, if your message is 200 characters long you will be charged for 2 messages. If your message is 380 characters long, you will be charged for 3 messages. A counter located above the Enter Message field will display the number of characters and the number of text messages this message will be.  


Using the Save as Template button, templates can be created and used again to save users from having to re-type commonly used messages. Type the content of the message in the Enter Message field and click Save as Template


The Save as Template facility can also be used to save commonly used text headers. For instance, you may wish to automatically include the name of your service in the text header (e.g., "Text from Little Laughs - " could be used as a header for each text message sent out).


If you would like to Delete a previously saved template, select the appropriate template from the Select Template drop down list and click the Delete Template button.


Using the Type drop down list, select if you would like to send text messages to Children or Staff.


Using the Category drop down list, select the category of children or staff to whom you would like to send a text message.


Using the Sort Order drop down list, select the order in which you would like names to appear. You can also use the  icon to toggle the order of names.


If your service is part of a group, and if you have the correct level of access, using the View By drop down list, you can select to use children or staff from the entire Group, Area, Region, or Centre.

Once you have completed your selection criteria, click the icon to display the relevant child or staff names. You should then use the select radio buttons to select all, individual, or multiple names depending on your requirement. You can select multiple names just by clicking the radio button next to each required name. You can also select all names by clicking the select all radio button next to the column heading Child or Staff.


Using the Search field, you can refine you list of child or staff names by typing the name of the child or staff member you require.


When you have completed your selection criteria and typed the message you would like to send, click the Send button to complete the process and send the message.


For further information or assistance please call

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