This screen is used to view details of text messages that have been sent and any replies that have been received.


Using the Type drop down list, select the Type of messages you wish to view. Options are:


Both - to see both text messages sent and replies received.

Sent - to see only text messages that have been sent.

Received - to see only replies that have been received.


Using the From and Until date fields, select or enter the date range that you would like to use to view messages.


If your service is part of a group, and if you have the correct level of access, using the View By drop down list, you can select to view messages from the entire Group, Area, Region, or Centre


Using the Search String field, you can search for specific messages either by entering a name or part of the content of a message.


Once you have completed your selection criteria, click the  icon. A list of messages matching your criteria will be displayed


You can change the order in which messages are displayed by clicking the  icons associated with each column heading.


If you would like to create a .csv file from one of the reports in Child Details, select the desired parameters, display the report to the screen, and click the  icon next to the Print button. The created file name will be displayed on the screen. Click on the file name if you wish to open it or right click to download a copy to your computer. If you wish to delete the file, click the icon at the right hand side of the screen. 


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