What's new in v4.05

Reports, Child Reports, Roll Reports

Two new reports have been added. “Meal Chart with Allergies” - this report will display names of children with allergies only. “Meal Chart with Allergies (all children)” – This will display all children and if they have an allergy this will be populated, if not it will be left blank.


Reports, Child Reports, Roll Reports

A new report has been added “Meal Chart without Birthdates”. This report will print without birthdates for children. The original report “Meal Chart” that prints with birthdates has been renamed to “Meal Charts with Birthdates”.


Reports, Child Reports, Attendance

The Attendance key has been added to the bottom of the Weekly Confirmation Format 2/3 and Homebased Weekly Confirmation Format 2/3.


Reports, Child Reports, Medical, Immunisation

A new report called “All Immunisation” has been added.


Reports, Child Reports, Child Details, Print Options

“Timetable.Optional Charge” has been added as an option to select to display Optional Charges.


Reports, Child Reports, Roll Reports

New columns have been added to the “Fee Information” report. These columns are labelled: “Optional Charges Product”, “Optional Charges Quantity”, “Optional Charges Price” and “Optional Charges Billing Frequency”. 


Reports, Group Reports, General

A new report for Homebased services has been added called “Home-based Educator Payment”.
This report will be released early in 2022.


Utilities, GoText!, View Sent/Replies

When the “Create File” option is used, new columns have been added to display names of each service when running this by Group, Region, Area or Subgroup.


Centre, Homes

Users can now select a “Coordinator” for each Educator. This will be displayed in the “Homebased Weekly Booked Details” and “Homebased Weekly Attended Details” reports under: Reports, Group Reports.

Reports, Staff Reports, Time Sheets

We have added the red background/flashing to the “Ratio View” button to indicate days a service is in breach. Previously this was only visible in the “Sign In Sheet” screen.

Custom Print Reports, save options

 We have added “My Eyes Only” to the “Visible To” options so that users can save customised reports for their own user login. This has been added to:

  1. Reports, Staff Reports, Staff Details
  2. Reports, Child Reports, Child Details
  3. Reports, Child Reports, Contact Details
  4. Reports, Financial Reports, Transaction Listing

Utilities, Email Logs - New Look only

Users can select this report which will display a list of emails which have been sent from Infocare, such as Invoices, Statements, etc.