This screen is used to confirm that your funding information is correct before it is sent electronically to the MoE. Once you have read and understood the requirements, click Submit RS7 to MoE to proceed to your RS7 data. Alternatively, click Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Once you have clicked Continue, your RS7 data will be displayed. 

You will be presented with details of how to check RS7 requirements from the MoE. 

Cells highlighted in orange indicate missing information. Do not submit your RS7 until you are certain that this information is not required or is correct. 

Once you are confident that the information displayed on this screen is correct and is complete, click Continue to send the RS7 information electronically to the MoE.

Alternatively, click Back to return to the previous screen. 

Once you have clicked Continue you will be asked to select your Attestation of Certified Teachers' Salaries. Select the relevant step your service identifies as having met the funding conditions related to the salary scale in accordance with the details outlined in the ECE Funding Handbook

Once you have made your selection, click the Continue button to proceed to the next step, or click Back to return to the previous screen.

Once you have clicked Continue you will then be required to complete the declaration that the information being submitted is true and correct. Enter your name in the Your Name field. Enter your Contact telephone or mobile number in the Contact telephone or mobile field. Enter your job title in the Designation field.

Once you have completed entering details for this section, click Yes if you are ready to submit the RS7 to the MoE. Alternatively, click No.

You will then be given an opportunity to Print a copy of your RS7 submission by clicking the Print button. Alternatively, click Finish to return to the RS7 Selection screen.


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