Release Notice V4.11


  • Employee – Leave Dates Report

Reports > Staff Reports > Leave Dates

In the Leave Dates report, there are two new drop-down lists View by and Sort by which allow users to bring up the leave dates for all staff by Group, Region, Area, Subgroup or Centre. The result can be sorted by different criteria such as First Name, Last Name, Centre Short Name.


  •  Staff Photos

Employees > Staff Update

Staff photos can now be uploaded and displayed as the avatar in the Staff Update page.


  • Final Year ECE Qualification

Reports > Staff Reports > Staff Details 

Added a new field Final Year for ECE Qualification so that it can be selected as a column into the report. 


  • Homebased – Educator Records

Reports > Staff Reports > Educator Record

This report name has been changed from Educator Weekly Record to Educator Record, with a Frequency dropdown list added, allowing users to generate a monthly report as per the changes to Home-based reporting and qualifications from MoE.

  • GoEnquiry! – New Origin 

Utilities > GoEnquiry! > View (and Add Enquiry)

A new Origin has been added to the select list called “Social Media” and associated reports.


  • GoEnquiry! - Enquiry Details Report (with comments)

Utilities > GoEnquiry! > Reports (Print Mode: Enquiry Details (with comments))

Added two columns, User Comments and Parent Comments to the Enquiry! Report when selecting Print Mode Enquiry Details (with comments).


  • GoEnquiry! Conversion “Total” Column

Utilities > GoEnquiry! > Reports

Added column "Total" to the Conversion reports (Conversion Success, Conversion Timings, Conversion Success (with comments)).

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  • GoText! Enhancement - Show number of recipients selected

Utilities > GoText! > Send

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When sending a text message, the number of selected recipients will be displayed inside the "Send" button, and when clicking "Send", there will be a confirmation message "Are you sure you wish to send ‘x’ texts to ‘y’ recipients?". Click OK to send the text or click Cancel.


  • General Group Reports - More Details Alert

Reports -> Group Reports- > General

A new alert to let the users know if there is more information (e.g., additional columns) when creating CSV file (using Create File button). The following reports have been updated:

  • Centre Information
  • Children Enrolled
  • Children with Timetable Changes
  • ELI Information
  • Sign In Sheet Information
  • User Information

  • New Method of Payment – NZISS

Billing > Accounts Processing > Receipts (and Batch Receipts)

A new method of payment "NZISS" (New Zealand Income Support Service) has been added for all receipting screens, such as Billing > Accounts Processing > Receipts as well as Batch Receipts. Reports have also been updated for example  Reports > Financial Reports > Transaction Listing and Group Reports to include this method of payment. 


  • Create File option for General Report

Reports > Group Reports > General

Added a Create File button to all Group Reports > General reports




NB: The Ministry of Education have recently updated the Home Language, Iwi and Ethnicity list; this has been updated in Infocare.