Release Notice V4.18 


Ability to set User Defined Ratios

Centre > Centre Options > User Defined Ratios

This will allow services to define their own staff to child ratio above that of the Ministry of Education

Example: allow for 4:1 Under 2 year olds and 8:1 Over 2 year olds.

See this article about User Defined Ratios

Sunblock Sheet.

Available in two locations

Reports > Blank Forms > Sunblock Sheet - This will not show children's names.


Reports > Child Reports > Roll Reports > Print Mode: Sunblock Chart - This will list children's names

New option to add new Fee Codes to multiple services at once.

Billing > Fees > Add > Centres to be updated.

Selecting an option below 'Centres to be update' will apply the same fee to every service with the selected subgroup/area/region/group.

This will not update existing Fees

See this article about updating Fee Codes

Added option to hide booked times on Sign In Sheet.

Centre > Options > Sign In Sheet > Print Booked Times

Set to show times by default.


GoDigital reports showing more detail.

More information shown in Infocare > Utilities > GoDigital Reports > Print Mode: Contractor Records

Added contractors Phone Number.

Added connected functions to the Admin area.

Added link between List of Children and List of Contacts.

    Admin > Children > List of Contacts. 

    Selecting a child then selecting one of their contacts will open the contacts record..

   Admin > Children > List of Children

   Selecting a contact then selecting one of the children will open the child's record.

Added 'Click Here When Completed' to return to the home screen.

Once a parent/guest/contractor has completed their entries they can click the large "Click Here When Completed" button to return to the front screen.

Added Details