Using this screen, you can select a date and period for which you wish to examine the roll at your service to determine vacancies.

Once you have completed your selection criteria, click the Print button to display the report. Alternatively click Print to Printer to view a hard copy of the report.

Please note that once the report has been displayed, each day of the week will be highlighted in blue. If you click on any of the days, you will be able to select if you want to view a detailed report for that day including away children or excluding away children. The report will show available spaces, required staff, and each child's attendance times. 

Using the Number of Weeks drop down list, you can select the number of weeks forward from the Week Starting date for which you wish to view data. The maximum number of weeks is 16. If you wish to view a further 16 weeks, select a Week Starting date in the future.

Please enter the date for which you wish to begin viewing data for in the Week Starting field. 

You can use the icons next to the Week Starting field to automatically select the next or previous week.

Using the Select Categories drop down list, you can select specific categories of children or rooms if they have been defined. To select multiple categories or rooms, click the first category required and then press and hold the Ctrl key and click each of the other categories you require.

Using the Sort Order drop down list, you can specify the order that children's names will be displayed when you click on the link for a particular day to see which children are attending.


In the Afternoon Starts fields you can specify the time that you would like the report to differentiate morning and afternoon children.

Select Yes from the Split Day drop down list if you would like the report to differentiate between morning and afternoon numbers. Alternatively, select No to have the entire day combined.

Using the Decimal Time Format drop down list select Yes if you would like times to be displayed in decimal format (i.e., 10.5 hours), or No if you want times displayed in hours and minutes (i.e., 10h30m).


If User Defined Ratios is enabled the Ratios selection list will show.

Setting Ratios to User Defined will adjust the teacher requirements to that set by the User Defined ratios.

Using the Print Mode drop down list, you can select from the following reports:

Basic - will print a basic roll forecast providing details of the number of booked children broken down by Under 2 and Over 2. It will also show the number of children scheduled to be away.

Minimum - will display numbers enrolled minus any children who are scheduled to be away.

Medium - will display the same information as the Basic option with the addition of the total number of children and details of unused places.

Detailed - will display the same information as Medium with the addition of details pertaining to number of booked hours and children.

If you would like to create a .csv file from one of the reports in Child Details, select the desired parameters, display the report to the screen and click the icon next to the Print button. The created file name will be displayed on the screen. Click on the file name if you wish to open it or right click to download a copy to your computer.

If you wish to delete the file, click the icon at the right hand side of the screen.