For a full run-through see: Pay Parity Staff Pay Step Reporting

The initial use of Pay Parity Staff Reporting requires some options to be defined.

These options allow you to define when reporting should start, when to get alerts, and which staff activities are counted.
Centre > Centre Options > Pay Parity

If this option is not available check the user access is set to Write (see User Setup above).

Within the Pay Parity window will be 3 fields plus a list of all your staff activities.

Effective date of staff hour record keeping

This date field is to define when the system should start recording staff hours for pay parity reporting.

If this is left blank the system will look at all historic and future hours in the system.

It is highly recommended that services define an effective date if they have been active in Infocare prior to 1/07/2024
This is to prevent any historic mismatch of staff activities and enable the an initial staff credit hour count that can be pulled from external records.

Pay Parity Attestation

This is the pay parity attestation you wish to calculate staff pay steps against.

The system will be set by default to the same attestation as the Funding Rates options.

This can be changed at any time.

This does not affect any funding figures or RS7 submissions. This is purely for staff pay step calculations.

Event Warning (Hours)

This is the lead time for warnings about staff increasing in pay step.

Depending on the average number of hours staff work and how much lead time you require, increase or decrease this number.

If your staff work 40 hour weeks a 80 hours Event Warning will provide a warning two weeks before a pay step change will be due.

Staff Activities counted in pay parity calculations

This list will show all of your staff activities. An option to include each activity can be selected on the left.

Activates that are included will count towards your staff members pay steps.

Activities that are excluded will not.

By default the following activity types will be Included

  • Contact
  • Non-contact
  • Discretionary
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Practicum

By default the following activity types will be Excluded

  • Break
  • Lunch
  • Away

As your staff activities can be customised review the list and include or exclude any entries.

Remember only hours that are considered worked hours should be included.

Activities like Unpaid Sick Leave or Unpaid Leave should be reviewed as they may incorrectly be included based on the above defaults.