The default Xero Invoice layout does not provide the required details from IRD to meet requirements for FamilyBoost.

To meet this requirement we have the Xero FamilyBoost export that will format correctly.

Difference with this layout.

The *ContactName has been changed from the child name to the parent name.

The Reference field has changed to the child's name.

This will change the the 'To' / Contact within Xero to the name of the parent.

Xero InfocareInvoice Template

This requires you to use a custom Invoice Template.

  • Download the InfocareInvoice Template.docx
  • Open the InfocareInvoice Template.docx in MS Word
  • Replace the "Insert Logo here" with your logo.
  • Replace the “insert licence number here” with your services MOE licence number.
  • Within the Footer section below <<OrganisationPostalAddress>> populate your payment details.
    • Please make payment to: "Your Org name" 00-0000-0000-000
  • Save the document.

Within Xero you will need to Import this invoice template.

  • Click on your company name dropdown
  • Click Settings

  • Invoice Settings
  • New Branding Themes Click the dropdown arrow and select Custom.docx
  • Add the title for your new branding theme: InfocareInvoice
    • This branding title most be exact. 
  • Click OK
  • Click Upload
  • Next to Invoice select Browse and select the updated 'InvoiceInvoice Template.docx' file
  • Click Upload

Once the template has been upload. The import process can continue as normal.