In order to merge an unscheduled record, you must create the sign in sheet you wish to merge the child into. It doesn’t have to be the sign in sheet that always includes the child. For example:

  • The child normally does not attend Tuesday.
  • For the rest of the week, child goes to the Kea Room in the afternoon.
  • Child shows up on Tuesday morning without prior booking.
  • Kea Room is closed so the child was put in the Tui room.

-> The Tui room initially does not have the child. But you are able to merge the child in this room.

The figure below demonstrate both scenarios when the unscheduled attendance can and cannot be merged in:

Figure 1: Unscheduled attendance records form

The unscheduled attendances of Baby Loh and Bobbity Bob can be merged because there are sign in sheets created for Wednesday 06/Jul and Friday 08/Jul. While the unscheduled attendances of Andrew Kirby cannot because Thursday 07/Jul has not had any sign in sheet created yet (Please refer to Figure 2 in our release notice of v4.10 to see all sign in sheets for these days).

You don’t need to make decision for all unscheduled sign in sheets at once. If you are unsure about Bobbity Bob for example, and because Andrew Kirby cannot be merged in yet, it is completely acceptable to only merge Baby Loh.

Performing the merge

The “Sign in sheets” column will tell you whether the child should be “Added” to a sign in sheet, or it should be “Merged” into a sign in sheet.

  • “Added” means that the child does not exist in any sign in sheet. You need to select one and specify the booked time.

Figure 2a: Select a sign in sheet to add unscheduled attendance record

You can select a sign in sheet to add Baby Loh from the dropdown (in this case there’s only one - Ducklings Room), then specify the booked from and booked to times.

Figure 2 (b): After select Ducklings Room, you need to specify the booked time for Baby Loh.

  • “Merged” means that the child can be found in a newly created sign in sheet with booked time already specified. You need to select the most appropriate session from that sign in sheet. Once merged, the actual attendance time will be transfer to the selected record

Figure 3: Select a sign in sheet to merge with a usual attendance record

After creating a sign in sheets for Boys on Thu 07/Jul (Prior to that, as shown in figure 1, there was no sign in sheet). Infocare detects that Andrew Kirby’s usual attendances (two sessions) already exist there. In this case the most appropriate session to merge is from 9:00 – 11:00.

After selecting this session, the “From” and “To” fields are auto-populated to 9:00 and 11:00 respectively, for your convenience. You are free to change the booked times as you see fit.

What happens after the merge ?

  1. If you’ve merged in all the unscheduled records you had in your entire database, you will be redirected to the Sign In Sheet Select page. Otherwise you will stay in the Unscheduled Attendance Records page, the one you’ve merged in will disappear, and the remaining one stays.
  2. If you’ve merged in all the unscheduled records for one particular day, when you go back to the Sign In Sheet Select page, the “Unscheduled“ sign in sheet for that day will disappear, and you can modify other sign in sheets for that day as usual.