User Defined Ratios allows your service to set a ratio that is different to the maximum ratio defined by the Ministry of Education. 

The User Defined Ratio can then be used to project your staffing requirements based on the smaller ratio figures.

For details on the Ministry of Educations requirements around staff ratios, please see details here.

Using the User Defined Ratios does not adjust the funding band or staff ratio seen during a funding return.

This option should be used to assist with staffing goals and marketed staff ratios.

By default the User Defined Ratio will be disabled.

User defined ratios cannot go above 1:5 for under 2 year olds or 1:10(All-Day)/1:15(Sessional) for over 2 year olds.

When the the number of Over 2 children is less than 10 the MOE ratio may override your defined ratio.

This is due to the 1:6 ratio for a single staff member with over 2 year olds.

This table shows an example of Over 2 All Day staff ratios depending on the number of children.

When User Defined Ratios is enabled the Regulation 44a rule will also be ignored.

Enable User Defined Ratios

Centre > Centre Options > User Defined Ratios

- To enable user defined ratios click "Enable User Defined Ratios".

- Adjust the U2 ratio.

- Adjust the O2 ratio.

- Click Update

* The sessional field can be ignored if your service is an All-Day licence.

Reports that use User Defined Ratios

Once enabled the following reports will show an option to toggle between MOE and User Defined Ratios.

View RatiosVia Sign In Sheet or Staff Timesheet
This option can be toggled on and off
Group Reports > GeneralPrint Mode: Teacher Ratio
Child Reports > AttendanceFrequency: Daily
Print Mode: Attendance (30 minute intervals)
Staff Reports > Teacher Forecast
Child Reports > Roll Analysis
Child Reports > Roll Forecast

Staff Time Sheet Update

At the bottom or right side of the Staff Time Sheet a User Ratio field will show along side the MOE ratio.

Clicking View will load the View Ratios page with the corresponding ratio setting.